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A user-friendly software application to screen, clean & score Actigraph accelerometer data.
MeterPlus Version 4.3 is now ready for release! This upgraded version is compatible with the new Actigraph GT3X+ and will analyze data collected with 1 & 2 second epochs.
Some additional enhancements include:
  • several new 'counts' variables in hourly and time-filtered output
  • accurate analysis of sedentary bouts with non-wear time removed
  • the 'valid hours' variable has been updated to be consistent with the current method of continuous scanning for non-wear time
  • several other enhancements to improve the user experience have been made based on current customer feedback.
The development of MeterPlus led by Dr. James Sallis and team at San Diego State University, in partnership with ActiGraph, builds upon more than 15 years experience in NIH-funded studies collecting objective physical activity data from over 10,000 participants, plus key input directly from other investigators and research groups.
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