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Product Details
      Click here to download a Powerpoint demonstration!
check   MeterPlus has the most straightforward interface available with programmable settings to screen for non-wear and valid wearing time, a critical step in collecting high-quality data.
check   MeterPlus now screens and analyzes step counts, vector magnitude (from 3 planes of data), heart rate and inclinometer data, in addition to single plane activity data. This makes MeterPlus compatible with the newest Actigraph models, the GT3X and the GT3X+.
check   MeterPlus analyzes bouts of activity and sedentary time, which are both important in determining whether people are indicators of health outcomes.
check   MeterPlus is the only program on the market that allows the user to program activity cut-points for numerous groups. This allows for age-specific scoring, which is necessary for accurate analysis of activity levels in children and older adults.
check   MeterPlus allows the user to select which formula to use when analyzing energy expenditure.
check   MeterPlus allows the user to select days of the week & times per day (e.g., after-school hours) to summarize activity and sedentary time.
check   MeterPlus will batch score your files. Select wearing time for each file and then let MeterPlus do the rest of the work! Your data will be aggregated into a single comma-delimited file ready for analysis.
check   MeterPlus sample outputs: Activity Counts, Bouts of Activity, Energy Expenditure, Time-Filtered Activity
Technical Details
check   Works with data collected from Actigraph models 7164, 71256, GT1M, ActiTrainer, GT3X and GT3X+.
check   System Requirements: PC only, Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, 500MB RAM, Intel Pentium 4 Processor speed.
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