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MeterPlus Data Services
Data cleaning and scoring service
Send us your raw Actigraph data files and we'll return an SPSS or Excel file that is ready for analysis containing hourly, daily and total activity counts, bouts of activity and energy expenditure for each subject. We clean the files prior to processing.
Data screening service
Send us your Actigraph files as you are collecting them and we'll screen and return them to you with a determination of how much valid wearing time each file contains. We will also alert you to any equipment problems causing anomalous data.
Data collection service
We can collect your data for you. We have years of experience with subject recruitment and Actigraph data collection, both in-person and by mail. With established protocols for all age groups, we can mobilize quickly & efficiently and guarantee high-quality data.
We offer consultation on recruitment and data collection methods, data cleaning and data analysis.

It often makes more financial sense to take advantage of our experience than to hire and train your own staff.
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